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Health Practitionar

Laura Primic is an Iridologist and Healthcare Practitioner by profession.  Iridology is the science of studying and analysing the iris and helps individuals gain valuable insight into their weaknesses and inherited dispositions and can link health issues to the origin, making it a valuable diagnostic tool.

Laura has always been passionate about health and wellbeing and previously ran a homeopathic and herbal medication practice treating a wide variety of health issues from depression to auto-immune disease.  Her journey into being a Healthcare Professional really began with her husband’s year- long illness that left him debilitated and undiagnosed, and her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis.  Laura decided she needed a more scientific diagnostic skillset and wanted a better understanding of what   causing disease rather than treating symptoms. 

Bio – Resonance

The Principle – Health Science has proven that every single object in the universe vibrates and resonates with its distinctive sound – a unique, natural frequency. This includes every individual body part as well as viruses, bacteria and parasites. Modern technology has enabled us to apply the correct relevant frequencies (sound waves) to scan and treat illness; kill viruses and parasites; and, most significantly, allow early detection of cancers and tumours!

Using highly sophisticated computer programs and scientifically developed headphones, the NLS Bio-Resonance System collects data of all organs, body systems, cells, etc. from the brain, then transmits that back to the computer. This is instantly decoded and displayed on-screen in 3-dimensional models of organs, etc., enabling the Therapist to present diagnosis and recommendations.

The most exciting feature of the software is “3-Dimensional Scanning”. This homes in on the area of a tumour or disease by identifying changes/abnormalities in the resonance (vibrations or frequencies) of body tissue. The root cause of a condition can thus be traced –and treated – even in the chromosomes/genes/DNA helix.

A Unique Natural Frequency

Are you tired of riding the merry-go-round of expensive medication and scans; the discomfort and indignities of a mammogram, “Pap” smear, or prostrate check? Worn-out by all those blood, urine and  other tissue samples? Still suffering from symptoms apparently immune to your medication or other remedies?

Imagine you could detect diabetes, cancer/tumour, a cardiovascular or any other disease – at the onset, even before conventional diagnostics could.  Imagine you could stop that looming illness in its tracks.

Imagine you could do this without invasive, uncomfortable tests, then having to wait in suspense for the lab results.

Imagine you could have a complete body scan, right down to your DNA, chromosomes or genes, in 1 location: no discomfort, no one touching you, no one taking a sample from any body part.

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NLS Bio Resonance equipment is medically approved and certified. It has been successfully and extensively used in selected hospitals, universities and medical facilities world-wide,
as well as in South Africa.